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Keep your home and business pest free

Pest control

BugZero has been providing pest eradication services for residential and commercial customers for the past 20 years. Our products are environmentally friendly and are 100% safe around children and pets.

We offer both one-off pest eradication treatments and ongoing maintenance packages.

Pest Eradication Packages

You can choose a comprehensive pest eradication treatment for both inside and outside your home or just internal or external treatments targeting a specific pest i.e. rodents.

We recommend doing both inside and out as it’s more cost effective with a potential saving of up to 35% and also decreases the chance of future pest problems.

Ongoing Maintenance Programmes

We offer a variety of maintenance options to suit your specific needs and we’ll adjust our treatments depending on the type of pest and conditions where the eradication is required.

You can choose to undertake a pest eradication programme at any time of the year however we recommend preventative treatment to ensure a healthy living environment year round.

You can find out more about particular pests and the treatments we use to eradicate them here.

Urgent Pest Control Call-outs

If you have a chronic outbreak of a particular pest, you can rely on us to get onto it ASAP.

Keep your home and business pest free

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Customer Reviews

Great service - highly recommended
— Tony, Remuera
North Shore, Akl
I recently used BugZero's services to get rid of the 8 legged monsters in and around my house. Within the same day bodies were turning up, flies were dropping and the ants have disappeared. I would highly recommend the company as they were very friendly to deal with. It was all the better as I found the BugZero technicians competent and trustworthy. I will definitely be using their service again.
— Phillipa Purnell
North Shore, Akl