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Flea Eradication

Fleas are minute, reddish-brown creatures that are considered external parasites. They sustain themselves by feeding on the blood of other living beings such as mammals, birds, and even humans.

Fleas lack wings and have flat bodies. They have quite robust legs that enable them to leap considerable distances. These features facilitate their movement from one host to another.

If your pet carries fleas into the home, it’s a sign of potential infestation. These teeny-tiny pests are capable of hiding and making their presence often unnoticed until the infestation occurs at a huge level. However, with BugZero, one of the best local pest control companies, you can sit back and relax, as we will take care of everything.

Common Flea Species in Auckland

Dog Flea
It’s also known as Ctenocephalides canis. As the name hints, it’s the favorite companion of canines. These fleas are brownish-black with larvae that appear off-white. Adults are roughly 3mm in size and have lateral flattening which grants them a slim profile.

Because of their small size, these microscopic parasites are difficult to detect. They generally blend into surfaces but can be seen on a contrasting backdrop, such as a dog’s hair, where they frequently lay little, white eggs that are difficult to identify.

Observing behavioral indicators in your pet, such as frequent scratching, is a reliable predictor of flea presence. Additionally, employing a magnifying lens can help with flea identification.

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Cat Flea
Similarly, the cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) resembles its canine cousin in look and behavior. Cat fleas are brown to black in colour and are 1-3 millimeters in size. They typically target felines but can also infest canines.

One differentiating trait between the two species is the existence of anterior and posterior “combs” on the flea’s body, with cat fleas having both and dog fleas having just anterior combs. These comb structures promote differentiation.

Human Flea
Human fleas, or Pulex irritans, despite their name, feed on both people and other hairy animals, albeit they are less common in New Zealand than dog and cat fleas.

Adapted to exist on or beneath human skin, they lack comb structures on their heads and have more pronounced eyespots, with adults being reddish-brown and larvae yellowish.

Rat Flea
Rat fleas, such as Xenopsylla cheopis, feed mostly on brown rats and vary from cat and dog fleas in that they lack comb structures on their heads. With a reddish-brown appearance, they can leap higher than other flea species, up to 30cm.

Signs of a Flea Infestation

Detecting a flea infestation may entail witnessing fleas leaping on your carpet or furniture, as well as observing your dogs repeatedly chewing, licking, or scratching themselves.

Flea bites have the following characteristics:

  • The itching is intense.
  • A red, swelling lump appears within thirty minutes following the bite.
  • After a day or so, the lump may develop into a blister or small wound.
  • Legs and feet are preferentially targeted.
  • Scratching is a common cause of secondary infections.
  • Certain individuals may experience hypersensitive responses.

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Health Risks Associated With Flea

  • Fleas serve as vectors for the bacteria Yersinia pestis, which spreads bubonic plague from infected wild rats to people via their bites.
  • Bubonic plague, while relatively rare nowadays, is nevertheless a major public health risk in several parts of the world.

Prevention methods such as flea management in pets, keeping clean living environments, and taking care while traveling to endemic regions are critical for reducing the risk of flea-borne diseases.

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