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Wasp Control: Your Solution with BugZero

Wasps are crucial insects for our ecology, but they may also be hazardous. Their eradication is especially important when nests have been erected on or near a property. A wasp infestation is a hazardous situation. Between 2000 and 2017, the CDC reported 1,109 deaths from bee, hornet, and wasp stings.

If you are annoyed by these pesky pests and searching for a reliable service for pest control to ensure your safety, “Your search for “wasp pest control near me” ends here at BugZero. BugZero Pest Control is happy to provide safe and effective bee, hornet, and wasp removal services in New Zealand.

What Are the Common Wasp Species in Auckland?

German and common wasps

New Zealand has huge populations of German and common wasps across the world. This is due to the lack of natural predators in the area, the warm winters, and easy food availability. The appearance of German and common social wasps is quite similar, with the same black and yellow coloration.

Social wasps dwell in nests made of honeycomb-like chambers. They develop complicated social groupings, and everyone in a colony takes the responsibility to nurture the young. Both species form several colonies around the size of a football. If these colonies survive the winter, they can grow to be quite large. Furthermore, German wasp nests are grey and common wasp nests are brown in color.

Paper wasp – Asian and Australian

Paper wasps, while not as prevalent as German and common wasps, have been introduced into New Zealand.  The Asian paper wasp has been discovered on both the North and South Islands.

The Australian paper wasp is still only found in the northern part of the North Island. Both paper wasps construct little nests of ingested woody material approximately the size of a pear.

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Signs of a Wasp Infestation

The first indicator of a wasp infestation, which may necessitate commercial pest control services, is big groups of wasps around your home, suggesting the presence of a nest.  Wasps typically establish their nests in protected areas such as the ground, sheds, walls or roofs, bird boxes, or near wood.

They build their nests using chewed wood pulp and saliva, giving them a paper-like look. Nests vary in size, colour, and shape depending on the kind of wasp, but they typically grow in size over the summer until peaking in the autumn.

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Health Risks Associated With Wasp

While wasps have ecological benefits, they also pose significant health risks, particularly for people who are allergic to their stingers. Wasp stings cause around 225,000 visits to emergency departments each year, as well as 100 fatalities. When wasps detect a threat to their nest, they can launch a defensive attack, with many species capable of stinging several times.

Infections and allergic responses are the most common hazards connected with wasp stings. However, most stings cause very minimal discomfort. Unless the person has a significant response or gets stung several times, home therapy is usually sufficient. Some people may experience substantial localised responses that, unless they involve sensitive regions such as the nose, mouth, or throat, may not proceed to more severe systemic symptoms. Swelling in these crucial places might cause breathing issues.

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Our Approach to Wasp Control

1. Comprehensive and careful examination of the wasp infestation.
2. Customized wasp treatment for your home or business.
3. Safe and Eco-friendly pest control solutions.
4. Maintenance and preventative techniques.


Why Choose BugZero for Professional Wasp Control Services?

  • Skilled professionals with extensive knowledge in wasp and other pest management.
  • History in effectively wasp eradication infestations.
  • Dedication to guarantee customer contentment.
  • Competitive prices and diligent service offerings.

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Get Rid of Wasp With BugZero’s Specialized Solutions

BugZero is proud of its distinct method of controlling wasp pests in Auckland. Our team of experts utilizes cutting-edge technology and techniques to precisely assess the extent of the infestation and tailor solutions to fit your specific needs. 

No need to search  “pest control near me” anymore, BugZero is your ultimate destination. We provide safe, effective, and environmentally sound Wasp pest treatment solutions for all your requirements. Do not allow Wasps to take over your home any longer.

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Great service - highly recommended
— Tony, Remuera
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I recently used BugZero's services to get rid of the 8 legged monsters in and around my house. Within the same day bodies were turning up, flies were dropping and the ants have disappeared. I would highly recommend the company as they were very friendly to deal with. It was all the better as I found the BugZero technicians competent and trustworthy. I will definitely be using their service again.
— Phillipa Purnell
North Shore, Akl