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Wasps & Bees

Wasps become very common around Auckland over the summer period. Typically its the Paper wasps and the German wasps that are most common.

German and common wasps can build large colony nests and these can be quite hazardous and should be treated by a professional.

With the increase of backyard bee keeping, bees and migrating colonies of bees are also becoming more of a problem and again care should be taken especially with colonies of bees.

Professional wasp & bee pest control

Our wasp and bee treatment includes:

  • Thorough in-home and around the house inspection to identify all problem areas.
  • A safe and effective insecticide treatment applied to all target areas.
  • Removal of colonies if required.
  • Applied by an experienced and qualified BugZero Technician.
  • Service warranty

For more information download our product data sheet and read this article on the wonderful work of everyday Kiwis rescuing 30,000 bees from earthquake-ravaged Kaikoura. 30000 Bees saved

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Customer Reviews

Great service - highly recommended
— Tony, Remuera
North Shore, Akl
I recently used BugZero's services to get rid of the 8 legged monsters in and around my house. Within the same day bodies were turning up, flies were dropping and the ants have disappeared. I would highly recommend the company as they were very friendly to deal with. It was all the better as I found the BugZero technicians competent and trustworthy. I will definitely be using their service again.
— Phillipa Purnell
North Shore, Akl